Monday - October 19, 2020

Honoring John Wright

Mr. John Wright – Our Friend, Our Teacher, Our Hero

The sign above his classroom door said it all: “The Greatest Kids in the World Walk Through This Door Every Single Day.” John Wright was that kind of teacher. A teacher who let his students learn through hands-on experiences and found a way to highlight the fun in learning. He was a teacher who responded to student and parent concerns with a thoughtful and caring regard for their perspectives. He was quick with a smile or an optimistic viewpoint. Grounded by his faith and his family, Mr. Wright was a teacher from whom students and colleagues alike have learned. Woodrow Wilson Academy was proud to have Mr. Wright as its middle school science teacher for more than three years.

Lost to Leukemia

Every four minutes, someone in the world is diagnosed with blood cancer. In July of 2010, Mr. Wright was one of those people whose life was shattered by a blood cancer diagnosis. In his case, it was a very rare form of leukemia called T-cell Prolymphocytic Leukemia (T-PLL). Representing only 2 percent of blood cancers, the survival rate for those affected by this particular form of leukemia is dismal; chemotherapy only serves as a temporary fix. The best chance for a T-PLL patient is a stem cell transplant, and the road to transplant is a treacherous one. After a valiant 10-month battle, Mr. Wright died May 14, 2011. Devastated by this great loss, the Woodrow Wilson Academy community was comforted only by the knowledge that it had been forever changed for the better through Mr. Wright’s positive influence on its students, staff, and families.

Wildcats for the Wright Cause

Wildcats for the Wright Cause was originally formed by staff members at WWA to raise money for Mr. Wright, his wife, and their four children as he took time away from the job he loved to battle cancer. As was his selfless wish, Wildcats for the Wright Cause has now been transformed from a community’s efforts to help one of its own to a benevolence fund to serve the greater good.

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